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Upgrading of Ebene Fly-Over (Design-Build Turnkey)

Date: February 04, 2020
Domain:New Projects


With the rapid development within the central part of the island, namely at Ebene, Reduit and
Highlands and the expected increase in development at Ebene, there is a need to cater for
additional traffic in these areas. Moreover, due to the traffic congestion during the peak hours, it
is proposed to widen the existing fly-over along M1 Ebene.

The Project will consist of the following:
• To widen the existing fly-over along M1 at Ebene to reduce traffic congestion and alleviate traffic volume at the fly-over.
• Demolition of the existing roundabout along Ebene-Trianon Link Road to be replaced with a signalised intersection.
• Construction of full clover leaf.
• Realignment of slip lanes.​

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