With a view to sustain the development of infrastructure to support economic growth and benefit the society, the Government intends to establish an East-West Connector, as shown in the layout below, through the implementation of the following projects:

  1. La Vigie-La Brasserie-Beaux Songes Link Road – Phase 1 which starts from the Motorway M1 at La Vigie, crosses the Phoenix-Plaisance Road (A10) at 16eme Mille and ends on La Marie Road (B102) at La Marie.
  2. La Vigie-La Brasserie-Beaux Songes Link Road – Phase 2 which is a continuity from the Marie Road (B102) at La Marie, passes through Henrietta, Holyrood and ends at Pierrefonds. It is also to be highlighted that this new road will link the Palma Road (B2) and the Phoenix-Beau Songes Road (B130) i.e., improving accessibility to the regions of Palma, Bassin, Solferino amongst others; and
  3. The Flic-en-Flac Bypass.
Progress as at July 2024
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