Construction of Bois Cheri Bypass

The construction of Bois Cheri Bypass, which forms part of the overall southern masterplan, is being implemented in view of a road safety enhancement.

The Pandit Jhummun Giri Gossagne Napal Road B88 has a poor road geometry with the presence of sharp bends which considerably increase the risks of accidents. It passes through highly built-up areas and represent major hazards for road users, including the inhabitants of Bois Cheri village. In addition, during the Maha Shivaratree period, high traffic volume is generated, causing congestion and disrupting the fluidity of traffic.

2.0 Project Description

The project will start near the Tea Factory at Bois Cheri and will bypass Bois Cheri village over a length of about 2.2 Km and will end up near the Football Playground at Grand Bois.

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Progress as at June 2024
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