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Road Development Authority (Under the aegis of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport)

Evaluation Report

Upgrading of Radier St Martin at Bel Ombre - W/RDA/37/02-17​

Construction of St Julien Bypass from St Julien D'Hotman to Bel Etang - CPB/54/2016​

Repair to embankment on Motorway M3 at Ripailles - CPB/55/2016​​

Construction of  third lane to Grand Bassin along B88 Road from Gouly to Bois Cheri - W/RDA/29/11-16​

Construction of a new Access Road to SSR International Airport - CPB/49/2014

Reconstruction of Black River Bridge at Grande Riviere Noire - W/RDA/28/07-14

Terre Rouge - Verdun Link Road : Treatment of Landslides and Remaining Roadworks on Southbound Carriageway at Ripailles (Reference No CPB/14/2014) 

Corrigendum - Framework Agreement for Maintenance and Minor Works (2014-2016)CPB/36/2013 

Framework Agreement for Maintenance and Minor Works (2014-2016) - CPB/36/2013

Upgrading of Hillcrest Road (B128) - W/RDA/15/02-14



Rehabilitation of Gros Bois - L'Escalier Road - W/RDA/11/02-14 

Improvement and Rehabilitation of Belle Vue Road (B22) at Laventure - Phase II W/RDA/15/11-13

         Reconstruction of bridge at Poste de Flacq - W/RDA/30/2012
Upgrading and Widening of Avenue des Tulipes at Quatre Bornes- W/RDA/22/2012
Construction of Schoenfeld Bypass - Phase II - CPB/27/2012
Construction of an additional lane along Motorway M1 in Northbound direction from Ruisseau Creole to Place D'Armes -  RDA/18/2012
Renting of office space - RDA/28/2012
Rehabilitation and Improvement of Riche Terre Road (B33)- RDA/21/2012
Design and Construction of two footbridges over Motorway M1 at Wooton - RDA/19/2012
Upgrading of Savanne Road (A9) from Beau Climat to Nouvelle France - RDA/20/2012
Maintenance and Minor works 2012-2013 (CPB/1/2012)
Consultancy services for the Feasibility study, detailed design and supervision of N France - Souillac Dual Carriageway RDA/24/2011
Consultancy Services for the Review of Study and Supervision for East Coast Trunk Road (RDA/19/2011)
Widening of Motorway Ml from Colville Deverell Bridge to Grewals - (CPB/9/2011)
Construction of St Pierre Bypass from Reduit to Verdun - CPB/19/2011
Rehabilitation of Existing Steel Bridges at Tamarin, Riviere Des Galets and Souillac - RDA/11/2011
Upgrading of Higginson Road (B24) - Phase 1 from Providence to St Julien D'Hotman - CPB/06/2011
Upgrading of Quartier Militaire Road B6 - Phase 2 (From Belle Rive to Quartier Militaire - CPB/63/2010)
Rehabilitation of Pamplemousses - G Baie Road (A13) from Pamplemousses to Mapou - QRDA/25/2010
Rehabilitation of Northbound Carriageway of Motorway M1 from Nouvelle France Roundabout to La vigie Roundabout - CPB/68/2010
Geotechnical investigations for the Ring Road, the Harbour Bridge and the Al - Ml Link Road
Upgrading of Bridge on Pailles Branch Road - QRDA/33/2010
Widening of the Motorway M1 from St Jean to Colville Deverell Bridge Ref: CPB/52/2010
The Construction of Terre Rouge - Verdun - Trianon Link Road (Section 2: Verdun-Trianon & Bagatelle Valentina Link Road Ref: CPB/48/2010
Maintenance and Minor Works 2010/2011 - CPB Ref: CPB/62/2010
Construction of the second carriageway to Pamplemousses-Grand Baie Road (A13) from Forbach to Sottise (CPBRef: CPB/37/2010)
Executive Summary of Bid Evaluation Report (Works) - Upgrading of the Motorway M2from Quay D Roundabout to Terre Rouge Roundabout (CPB Ref: CPB/41/2010)
Construction of a road over existing railway track from Riviere du Rempart to the junction with Schoenfeld Road (QRDA/17/2010)
Grade Separated Junction at Caudan
Summary of Evaluation Report - The Construction of the Terre-Rouge – Verdun – Trianon Link Road
Evaluation Report -The Construction of the Terre-Rouge – Verdun – Trianon Link Road (CPB/4/2010)
Evaluation Report - Construction of Bi-Directional Lanes from St Jean to Pont Fer on Motorway M1