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Landslides at Chamarel (Works)

Date: February 04, 2020
Domain:New Projects


The B104 road consists of several dangerous curves with mountain vertical slopes on one side
over 25 m high and ravines on the other side. The road is about 6 m wide with enlargement at the
curves and at viewpoints. This road is the major link between the western Coast and the Central
Plateau. Over the years the road has deteriorated as a result of storm water drains paths causing
instability and settlement on the road edges and creating bulging of the masonry retaining walls
as a result of slip panes. Severe deterioration along 1200 m of road has been noted. 

The Project constitutes: -
• Improve the road network with increase in level of service, mobility and resiliency;
• Reduce vehicle operating costs, travel time costs, operation costs and negative externalities associated herewith;
• Reduce traffic accidents and enhance safety for road users with focus on protection on vulnerable road users; and
• Enhance road infrastructure

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