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Inauguration of the St Julien ByPass

St Julien Bypass
Date: August 21, 2018
Domain:Completed Projects


​On Tuesday 21st Aug 2018, the opening of the St Julien Bypass (co-project between the Road Development Authority, Mauritius and Transinvest Contruction Ltd) was inaugurated by Hon Pravind Kumar JUGNAUTH, Prime Minister of Mauritius. The St Julien Bypass starts with a roundabout along Higginson (B24) Road before the village of St Julien d’Hotman, bypasses the village over a total stretch of 3.5km and ends with a T-Junction along B24 Road. 

The project will:
• Improve road geometry and enhance safety for both pedestrians and vehicles.
• Bypass existing built up areas at St Julien d’Hotman Village, ensuring the safety of residents.
• Decrease travel time and vehicle operating costs.

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