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Road Development Authority

 About Us

The Road Development Authority (RDA), a body corporate established by Act No. 6 of 1998, operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport. RDA is also a representative on the Morcellement Board, EIA Committee, wherein recommendations in regard to access on classified roads and Motorways are given. ​
The mission of Road Development Authority is to provide a cost efficient mobility in comfort and safety for the Mauritian population and its economic operators to all parts of the island, by developing, preserving and maintaining a high standard classified road network through the judicious use of human, material, financial, and technological resources.
The Authority is responsible for the construction, care, maintenance and improvement of motorways and main roads.
Duties and Functions
  • To plan, design and supervise the construction of roads, intended to be classified as motorways and main roads;
  • To carry out or cause to be carried out the upgrading of motorways and main roads and their routine and periodic maintenance;
  • To maintain existing bridges, tunnels and associated works on motorways and main roads;
  • To plan, design and supervise the construction and reconstruction of bridges, tunnels and associated works on motorways and main roads;
  • To advise the Minister on the formulation of a road development policy;
  • To advise the Minister on the management policy of roads;
  • To prepare and implement road development schemes;
  • To conduct and coordinate research and investigation on materials required for road construction;
  • To control the display of advertisements along or visible from motorways and main roads;
  • To regulate undertakers’ works in relation to motorways and main roads.
Management of RDA
The Road Development Authority is administered by a Board and is headed by the Officer in Charge who is responsible for the implementation of the policies of the Board, for achieving the financial operating goals and objectives and ensuring proper management and monitoring of the day-to-day affairs of the organization.
Main Services Provided
  • Providing new roads as an integral part of national development
  • Maintaining the classified road network in a safe and rideable quality.
  • Ensuring that bridges on classified roads are safe and to standard
  • Giving clearance for access on classified roads.
  • Controlling advertisement on classified roads
  • Controlling undertaker’s works on classified roads
  • Providing advice on road development policies
  • Providing services for material testing
  • Processing/Clearances application for EIA, Morcellement Board, Technical Committees