Inauguration of Verdun Bypass (Phase 1) on 21st June 2023

The Prime Minister, Honourable Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, proceeded, to the official opening of the Verdun Bypass (Phase 1). To the tune of some Rs 403 million, the project consists of the construction of 2.7 km long new single carriageway road to bypass the Verdun village connecting Alma and Motorway M3 (Terre Rouge – Verdun – Trianon Link Road).

The Minister of National Infrastructure and Community Development,Honourable Mahendranuth Sharma Hurreeram; the Parliamentary Private Secretary, Mr Nand Prakash Ramchurrun; the Chairman and Board members of the Road Development Authority; as well as representatives from the ENL Group were also present.

The Verdun bypass starts from Moka–Camp De Masque Road (A7 road), after Alma village and will provide an alternative route up to Terre Rouge –Verdun -Trianon Link Road (M3 motorway) without the need to drive through the village of Verdun. This project is very important as Presently the two main junctions at Verdun Interchange and Reduit Interchange are already saturated with high traffic volume during peak hours. With the upcoming developments, it is expected that the junctions will be more solicited which will result in traffic congestion.

The new Verdun Bypass will bring additional benefits to road users such as it will lead to decongestion traffic during peak hours. Moreover, it will reduce travel time, thereby reducing operating costs of vehicles and reduce the risks of accidents due to the segregation of buses, bicycles and other vehicles on roads. The Verdun bypass will be connected to M3 motorway through access ramps so as to prevent disruptions in the traffic flow. The project consists of a 2.7 km long new single carriageway of width 7m with a 1.5m shoulder on both sides and a roundabout. With   the construction of 2 Slip lanes for connection with the M3 motorway. It will also include the construction of a dumbbell Shape Roundabout at junction M3 motorway and A7 road at Verdun.

The Verdun bypass will also include all miscellaneous road furniture such as guardrails, traffic signs, cat’s eyes, handrails and street lighting. As a next phase, a new link will be constructed through a new interchange across M3 motorway to link St Pierre Bypass and A7 Road. The project cost MUR 403,231,866.54   and was completed in March 2023.

The project consists of the following:

Construction of 2.7 km long new single carriageway of width 7.0m with 1.5m wide shoulder on both sides,

    • Construction of a new roundabout at Dagotiere
    • Construction of 2 slip lanes for connection with M3
    • Provision of stormwater drainage structures including the Design and Construction of a culvert (5m x 4m).
    • Provision of miscellaneous road furniture such as guardrails, traffic signs, cat’s eyes, handrails, street lighting, etc.
    • Relocation of existing services,
    • Upgrading and realignment of part of existing Verdun Road, B50
  1. Construction of cycle lane from Alma to Motorway M3 over a length of 2.7 km
  2. Design and Construction of a Dumb Bell Shape Roundabout at Junction M3/A7 Road in lieu of the existing signalised junction for better traffic flows.

A special thanks to all stakeholders involved.

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