Traffic Congestion Relieving Measures at B32/B143 Junction (Vallee des Pretres Region)

Vallee des Pretres is a highly built-up area, situated in Port Louis. Its main access and exit point is along Bernardin de St Pierre Road (B143), which connects to Abdool Razack Mohamed and Pamplemousse streets (B32).

The second major junction in this region is the Military Road/A. R. Mohamed junction which connects Quay D to Vallee des Pretres, Cite Martial and Plaine Verte.
It is observed that both junctions operate beyond capacity during peak hours causing queuing along the main roads.

In view to reduce traffic congestion at both junctions, RDA is implementing the following remedial measures:
(i) Signalisation of existing junctions along B32 Road, that is, the Military Rd/A. R. Mohamed St junction and the Bernardin de St Pierre/A. R. Mohamed St junction.
(ii) Provision of a right turning lane for vehicles heading towards Vallee des Pretres at the B32/B143 Junction.
(iii) Construction of a dedicated slip lane which connects B143 to the Military Rd/A. R. Mohamed St junction, for traffic coming from Vallee des Pretres heading towards Plaine Verte.

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Progress as at October 2023
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