Upgrading of Constance Bridge along B117 Road at St Remi Road

The existing bridge is located along B117 Road. It is approximately 14m long and 6m wide and is made up of steel plate resting on arch steel girders supported by masonry abutments at the two extremities.


The absence of footpath along the bridge represented a potential hazard for pedestrians. Moreover, the existing bridge is showing signs of structural deterioration. Hence, there was need for demolition of the existing bridge and reconstruction of a reinforced concrete bridge as per International Standard. The new RC bridge is 28m long (2 span of 14m each) and 12m wide (including 2m footpath on each side of the bridge), supported central by RC piers and at both extremities by RC abutment. The new bridge will also have improved hydraulic capacity.

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Completed in February 2023
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