Inauguration of the New Holyrood Bridge on 26th April 2024

The new Holyrood Bridge connecting the West to Plaines Wilhems region, to the tune of Rs 60 million, was inaugurated, on Friday 26 April 2024, in Vacoas, in the presence of the Minister of Land Transport and Light Rail, Mr Alan Ganoo, the Minister of National Infrastructure and Community Development, Mr Mahendranuth Sharma Hurreeram, and the General Manager of the Road Development Authority, Mr Nazeer Mowlabaccus.Members of the National Assembly as well as other personalities were present at the inauguration ceremony.

In his address, Minister Ganoo stressed that a modern and more sustainable bridge was a must in this area. “The project,” he stated, “will not only relieve the plight of the inhabitants of the region but also improve mobility on the road while enhancing the safety of road users”. 

The Minister recalled that the old bridge dated back to 1876 and was only 2.9 metre-wide, allowing traffic along one way at a time resulting in major traffic jam during peak hours. He pointed out that the newly reconstructed bridge was 7.3 metre-wide, thereby improving the road alignment and enabling safe passage of two-way traffic, including of heavy vehicles. “It also comprises a footpath with handrail to ensure the safety of pedestrians,” he added. 

Moreover, Mr Ganoo emphasised Government’s vision to improve road networks across the island with the objective of alleviating traffic congestion and reducing travelling time, citing the example of other road projects such as SAJ Bridge. 

For his part, Minister Hurreeram indicated that the old bridge in Holyrood represented a safety hazard to road users with heavy vehicles not allowed to pass through the bridge, thus the necessity to complete the project promptly to ensure the safety of all road users. 

Additionally, Mr Hurreeram highlighted that the Government was investing massively to modernise road infrastructure across the country, so as to enable the population to travel smoothly from one region to another despite the growing number of vehicles on roads. 

The Minister also mentioned other construction works being carried out in view of mitigating the effects of climate change. He averred that Government was doing its best to try to reduce risks in flood-prone areas by, among others, improving drainage network.

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