Construction of a Bridge at Baie du Tombeau (in lieu of Pont Bruniquel)

Bruniquel Bridge is located along Baie du Tombeau Road (B29) at about 300m from the Baie du Tombeau Roundabout on Motorway M2. The bridge was constructed in 1926 in both reinforced concrete and masonry and has a span of 11.30 m and a width of 6.0 m. However, there is no footpaths for pedestrian on the sides of the bridges. The existing bridge is in a deplorable state. Moreover, the traffic flow in both directions is quite high and includes a high percentage of heavy vehicles.  

The RDA intends to construct a new bridge in lieu of Bruniquel Bridge of appropriate length/ section and width 12m which will cater for both 2 ways traffic and footpaths for pedestrian, to the required international standards and also to realign the existing approaches so as to eliminate sharp bends, improve visibility, and minimize risks of accidents. 

Progress as at July 2024
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