Groundbreaking ceremony for the second Flyover on Motorway M2 – Terre Rouge and Inauguration of the first Flyover of motorway M2 at QuayD

Kick-off for the construction of a second flyover on Motorway M2 at the Terre Rouge Roundabout was done in the presence of the Prime Minister, Hon, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth. Following the ceremony, the Prime Minister also inaugurated the first M2 Motorway flyover at Quay D roundabout where he took stock of the works carried out and proceeded to the unveiling of an inauguration plate.

The Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Local Government and Disaster Risk Management, Dr Hon, Mohammad Anwar Husnoo; the Minister of Energy and Public Utilities, Hon, Georges Pierre Lesjongard; the Minister of National Infrastructure and Community Development, Hon, Mahendranuth Sharma Hurreeram, and other eminent personalities were present on the occasion.

The flyover includes the construction of several piers over the Terre-Rouge Roundabout on M2 Motorway for both Southbound and Northbound traffic and the construction of acceleration and deceleration lanes on both sides for Southbound and Northbound traffic. The construction of the Terre Rouge Flyover is being constructed by General Construction Ltd, for an amount of Rs 427,094,406.90 and will be completed in August 2024.

In a statement to the press, the Hon, Prime Minister underpinned the objective of the Terre Rouge Flyover project, which will mainly address the severe congestion problem along Motorway M2 between Port Louis and Terre Rouge. He underlined that the existing Terre Rouge roundabout is currently operating beyond capacity, during peak and off-peak hours, with subsequent queuing along Motorway M2 and adjacent roads.
The Terre Rouge Flyover, he said, therefore seeks to address this problem by reconfiguring traffic movements for enhanced traffic fluidity and increasing road security.

Speaking about the construction of the flyover at Quay D roundabout which has been completed, The Hon, Prime Minister, remarked that the Quay D roundabout was similarly operating beyond capacity with subsequent queuing along Motorway M2 and adjacent roads such as Marine Road and Military Road B 30. The project aims at alleviating traffic congestion in the adjoining region, from Port Louis Centre to the Port Area along Motorway M2, and has eliminated the Quay D roundabout and improved traffic flows, and reduced risks of road accidents.

Furthermore, the Hon, Prime Minister urged all road users, pedestrians and those commuting on public transport, to act responsibly and respect road regulations for their safety and security.
He also stressed that Government is investing massively in the two projects, in line with its agenda to transform the road network landscape and improve road infrastructure thus improving road safety.

A special thanks to all stakeholders involved.

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