Construction of a Fly-Over on Motorway M2 at Terre Rouge Roundabout (Design-Build/Turnkey)

The Terre Rouge roundabout are currently operating beyond capacity, during both peak and off-peak hours, with subsequent queuing along Motorway M2 and adjacent roads.
In view to address this problem a flyover is being constructed on Motorway M2 at the Terre Rouge Roundabout and the traffic movements will be re configured.
RDA is undertaking the above flyover projects to:

  • segregate the main traffic along Motorway M2 and traffic accessing the adjoining regions
  • alleviate the traffic congestion along Motorway M2 and surrounding roads
    provide a better road interface through safer access corridor for logistics within the port area
  • decrease travel times and reduce vehicle operating costs
  • increase the level of service of the road to enhance both safety of vehicles and pedestrians

Progress as at July 2024
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