Inauguration of Sivananda Avenue and the Palmerstone Flyover in Vacoas

 The reconstruction of Sivananda Avenue and the Palmerstone Flyover, in Vacoas, financed to the tune of approximately Rs 397 million, was inaugurated by the Hon. Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth on Tuesday,16 August 2022. Motorists will be able to access these roads on the same day.

In a statement, the Prime Minister, Hon. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth indicated that with the increasing traffic, the road configuration from Vacoas to Palmerstone junction and the Jumbo roundabout were subject to traffic jams, and with the implementation of the Metro Express project, only one lane would have been available for traffic hence leading to traffic congestions in this region.

According to the Head of Government, the major road development project will help to alleviate traffic jams at Palmerstone Junction and Jumbo Roundabout.

“The goal is to modernize the transport system and ensure smooth traffic, which will benefit motorists,” he said. Other eminent personalities were present to grace the ceremony including the Hon. Minister of National Infrastructure and Community Development Hon. Mahendranuth Sharma Hurreeram.

A special thanks to all stakeholders involved.

Inauguration Photo Slideshow
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