Following torrential rain on April 2021, slope failures were observed along the embankment of the South Eastern Highway (A15) at Riviere des Creoles which necessitated urgent remedial action. These failures were noted over a length of 90m along the A15 Road, starting from Grand Bel Air roundabout towards Ferney.

The main reason for this failure was due to water ingress in that segment making the slope unstable. During heavy rainfall, the instability of the slope often caused rockfalls and traffic disturbance which is a threat for any road users.

The Road Development Authority intends to reconstruct the damaged stretch of the A15 Road and hence stabilized the slope to prevent any future accidents to road users as well as the general Public. The implementation of this project will enable unaffected traffic flow along the A15 Road and will protect the general public from the slope instability.

  • Scope of Project:
    The scope of works consists, inter-alia, of the following the following:
    Shotcrete and placing of soil nails or RCC retaining wall over an approximate length of 90 m and height of 10 m;
  • Construction of Rib Wall;
  • Removal of slippery materials and backfilling with sound material to recreate the pre-existing ground profile;
  • Construction of drains and retaining structures such as masonry walls;
  • Diversion and relocation of existing services;
  • Any miscellaneous work associated with the above.

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Progress as at October 2023
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