The construction of fly-over at Terre Rouge Roundabout project is part of the concept review and traffic management plan to improve the Northbound-Southbound & Southbound -Northbound through traffic and to reduce traffic congestion and travel time along Motorway M2, Port Louis- Central Flacq road (A2), Terre Rouge- Triolet- Grand Baie Road (A4).


The study which was mandated by the Road Development Authority, inter alia earmarked for the construction of a flyover on motorway M2 at Terre Rouge Roundabout plus the reconfiguration of traffic movement to reduce morning and afternoon chronic congestion. The other key objective of the Government is to reduce carbon emissions and noise pollution by improving the level of service and constructing sustainable and resilient road and drainage infrastructure; decrease road maintenance costs, vehicle operating costs, as well as travel time costs by providing uninterrupted traffic flow from JinFei Roundabout to Terre Rouge Roundabout; and to provide an efficient and effective transportation network in support of socio-economic development within the region of Terre Rouge and neighbouring areas.

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