Construction of a Flyover at Quay D Roundabout

The Quay D round about is a major access point for the port area and is currently operating beyond capacity, during both peak and off-peak hours, with subsequent queuing along Motorway M2 and adjacent roads such as Marine Road and Military Road B30.

As per the Government Programme 2020-24, with an emphasis among others on ‘Inclusiveness at the Heart of the Nation’, the Government is investing to further modernise the road network across the country. In the recent years there has been major development along the Motorway M2, where the road corridor has been widened between the Port area and Jin Fei (Riche Terre) to facilitate port-based activities.

With a similar objective, RDA has identified scope for further improvement in the adjoining region, from Port Louis Centre to Port Area along Motorway M2, with a view to eliminate the Quay D roundabout and improve traffic flows.

  • In light of the above, RDA is undertaking the Quay D flyover Project to:
    segregate the main traffic along Motorway M2 and traffic accessing the adjoining regions
    alleviate the traffic congestion along Motorway M2 and surrounding roads(Marine Road and Military B30 road)

  • provide a better road interface through safer access corridor for logistics within the port area

  • decrease travel times and reduce vehicle operating costs

  • increase the level of service of the road to enhance both safety of vehicles and pedestrians
    boost economic development within Port Louis
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Progress as at April 2023

Footbridge between Quay D roundabout and Mer Rouge roundabout

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