Interchange Construction and Improvement along M3-A14 corridor at Ebene

The existing road network at Ebene, including the Ebene Flyover was constructed in the year 2002 to 2004, in the context of the Ebene Cybercity development.

The rapid development within the central part of the island, namely at Ebene, Reduit, Moka and Highlands has caused saturation of the existing road network.

During morning peak hours, it is observed that the Motorway M3 (southbound) is severely congested due to the single lane traffic on the existing Ebene flyover across Motorway M1 for traffic going to Ebene. In the afternoon, the A14 road is congested for traffic going to M3.

In light of the above, RDA is currently undertaking the Ebene flyover Project to:

  • Improve traffic flow along M1 and M3 motorway and at Ebene Cybercity roundabout.
  • Eliminate bottleneck on the A14 Road (M3 – Rose Hill corridor)
  • Decrease in travel time for incoming traffic in Ebene region thus improving level of service by reducing traffic congestion and vehicle operating costs.
  • Contribute to boost economic development in that region by providing better connectivity


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Progress as at October 2023

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Interchange Construction and Improvement along M3-A14 Corridor at Ebene

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